NYCFitnessAddicts is for YOU! Whatever your age, background, current physical state, or goals for the future, there’s a something for you. Let Roody devise an individualized program that meets your needs.


This program is, by far, one of the most effective and comprehensive ways to increase functional capacity, lean muscle, strength, and speed. Roody utilizes his expertise in conditioning, resistance training, power lifting, kettlebells, metabolic training, periodization, TRX, and MMA to create an individualized program to yield the best results for each client. The programs are designed to challenge the client, improve body composition (decrease percentage of body fat), increase peak performance thresholds, and develop the client's understanding of his or her own body.

The Program begins with a full body assessment, which includes an analysis of:
• body composition
• cardiovascular (sub-maximal) status
• functional capacity (strength, agility, balance and flexibility)
• nutrition/diet

Clients can enroll in the 3-month or 1-year program. Both consist of multiple segments, including Power & Speed, Endurance & Toning, Resistance/Strength, High Intensity Training, and Muscle Manipulation. Since the best way to induce and yield optimum results is to switch training styles every few weeks or months, Roody sees that each client continually finds new ways to challenge his or her body.


This program is designed for clients who participate in a particular sport, such as tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, triathlons, or mud runs. Roody combines sport-specific drills and conditioning exercises to enhance the client’s performance on the field, court, or open terrain. He also utilizes balance training, agility ladders, and even MAT to improve muscle orchestration during competition.


This pre-/postnatal program focuses on keeping all moms healthy, toned, and strong, which helps them to absorb the shock that a pregnancy puts on the body.

During the prenatal phase, weight is monitored, the lower back and core are strengthened, and special attention is placed on toning the inner and outer thighs, gluteus, legs, and arms. A fortified nutrition plan is also provided to ensure that the proper caloric intake and nutrients are consumed for the health and development of the baby.

For postnatal mothers, the program kicks into high gear with the aim of improving the mother's body composition. Special attention is also given to the mother's diet and posture.


Are you having problems with losing inches, getting lean, or plateauing? If so, then Thermal Fitness will take your fitness training to the next degree. Thermal Fitness combines body wraps with layers of clothing to increase body temperature and exercise intensity. As a result, the body expends more calories and taps into all metabolic fuel sources. The client will partake in high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training and core work. Thermal Fitness was designed for those seeking to shed body fat and inches throughout the body. In addition to sweating, the client will excrete harmful impurities from the body, which could result in clearer skin, faster metabolism, and more vitality. The client's heart rate and hydration levels are monitored throughout the session.